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Referral System

1. Open your Account

Register to receive your unique referral link and check the documentation.

2. Share the Link

Share your referral link with your friends and audience, so they can swap coins privately while enjoying the best rates via

3. Start Earning

You earn 50% of our commission profits from trades using your referral! You can check your balance on your Profile page after logging in.

4. Withdraw your Profits

Receive your profits in Monero! Minimum balance amount for withdrawal: 0.002BTC.

JavaScript-free Widget

Simple Integration

Simply copy and paste the code on your website and start offering privacy-enhanced swaps right away for your audience.

Custom Colors

Customize your widget's color on your profile page and set the initial coin choices using referral parameters.

Zero JavaScript

The Widget requires no JavaScript, which means increased privacy and a perfect fit for privacy preserving websites and services.

API System

Get Rates

Get both fixed and floating rates from 14 different exchanges at the same time. You also receive a KYC rating for each one.

Create the Trade

Let your user choose which exchange and rate they want, we generate a new trade and you receive the transaction details including the exchange's address where the user must deposit the funds.