Accept donations or payments for your services or sales in over 800 cryptos and receive in your preferred one!

  • • Simple Integration

    • Streamlined Proccess

    • BTCPay Server Plugin

    • No JavaScript

    • Customizable Colors

Payment Gateway System

Flexible Gateway

Give your clients or audience more options when paying you. You can use AnonPay even if you don't have a website, just build your url, share it wherever you want and when accessed it just works!


Every transaction has a unique ID, which can be used to check its status in our website or through our API. You can also choose to automatically receive an email when the transaction is completed.


We don't use any JavaScript for enhanced privacy of you and your users.

Check out some fully working examples below, read our Full Documentation, or for an even simpler way to use AnonPay, use our Payment Generator.